Mile Marker - 12 oz

Regular Medium Roast Coffee
$15.99 USD

An easy drinking medium roast coffee that’s as smooth as a calm day on the water.


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Smooth, Well-Balanced

Colombian-Brazilian Blend

Medium Roast

Well Balanced & Never Bitter Coffee Blend

An easy drinking medium roast that’s as smooth as a calm day on the water. This well-balanced, never bitter blend will have you filling up your mug again and again. Carefully roasted to perfection, the first sip will transport you to the simple joys of a day spent gliding across a deep blue lake with no end in sight. Brew it up, feel the cool breeze on your skin, and get ready for the carefree adventures to come.

Ingredients & Allergens

Ingredients: Made with Organic Coffee

Allergens: None

Product FAQs

How many cups of coffee can I brew with one Basecamp Bag? With one 12oz Basecamp Bag, you can brew 20-40 cups of coffee using the ground coffee inside the package. This of course depends on the brew strength and amount of water ratio you use when brewing the coffee. Everyone has their own personal preference!

What is the grind size of your pre-ground coffee? The grind size is set to a medium grind that is works well with most brewing methods. Including French Press, Percolator, Pour Over, and Aero Press.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
John Perino (Bay Shore, US)

The coffee Smells great in the bag.I tried the coffee in a percolator. I was disappointed.John

Kathy Vogel (Sacramento, US)
Mike Marker

My husband and I absolutely love this coffee. So excited that we can by it direct.

Bill Sleck (Medina, US)
The Mile Makes Me Smile

Normally drink dark roast but bought some of each to try this time. I like it! Smooth with good flavor. I will keep buying both.

Natalie Werla (Milwaukee, US)

Best coffee!!

Tom & Kate Zittergruen (Denver, US)
Our New Favorite Coffee

We LOVE this blend! It is our favorite and the one we reach for first. Quote from my husband - "This is WAY better than Starbucks!" :)