Hazy Hiker - 12 oz

Hazelnut Flavored Coffee
$15.99 USD

Creamy and smooth, with a kick of chocolate and hazelnut flavor that will have you hitting the trail in no time.


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Smooth, Chocolatey, Hazelnut

Colombian-Brazilian Blend

Medium Roast

Creamy & Smooth

The Hazy Hiker packed with a kick of chocolate and hazelnut flavor that will have you hitting the trail in no time. Whether it’s your 10th day on the trail or you’re simply dreaming of your next off-grid getaway, this blend is perfect for hikers that need a little extra something to kick that hazy, early morning feeling that comes at the start of every great adventure. After enjoying a cup of Hazy Hiker, you’ll be more than ready to tackle the winding switchbacks that lead to your next epic vista.

Ingredients & Allergens

Ingredients: Made with Organic Coffee & Organic Natural Flavoring

Allergens: None

Product Facts

How many cups of coffee can I brew with one Basecamp Bag? With one 12oz Basecamp Bag, you can brew 20-40 cups of coffee using the ground coffee inside the package. This of course depends on the brew strength and amount of water ratio you use when brewing the coffee. Everyone has their own personal preference!

What is the grind size of your pre-ground coffee? The grind size is set to a medium grind that is works well with most brewing methods. Including French Press, Percolator, Pour Over, and Aeropress.

Flavored Coffee... I don't usually like flavored coffee...? You're in for a real treat! Our flavored coffee is quite different than other flavored coffees. It's subtle, smooth, and contains the right amount of flavor to coffee ratio. Plus, there are no sweeteners to make it taste too sweet and no added calories. Many non-flavored coffee drinkers are now our biggest fans, so give it a try and tell us what you think!

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews

Delicious! Can’t wait to buy more!

Lisa Howard (Baldwin City, US)
Great taste,

Ive had both the van life and the hazy hiker. Both are great and smooth.

Ralph Visnic (Fullerton, US)
Add flavor to your favorite Coffee

Add Hazy Hiker or SomeMores one scoop of beans to your Peet's favorite and grind 20 you will love it!

K Stevens (Waterbury, US)

This is my favorite! I take the Adventure Packs backpacking and it's the best pond water filtered coffee you could ever have!

Jennifer S (Winnetka, US)
Very tasty!! Will purchase again

Great taste, smells wonderful. Really enjoyed this and will purchase again!!