6-Pack Sampler


If you're interested in trying our coffee, this sampler is right for you! In the box, you will receive six, 1.5 oz. Venture Pouches of coffee; one pouch of each available flavor! Or choose the 12-Pack option and double it for an even better deal! I see an adventure in your future..

Hazy Hiker - Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

Some Mores - S'mores Flavored Coffee

Red Rocks - Caramel Flavored Coffee

Van Life - Vanilla Flavored Coffee

Mile Marker - Regular Medium Roast Coffee

Yurt Dirt - Regular Dark Roast Coffee

Ingredients & Allergens

Flavored Coffee Ingredients: Organic Coffee, Propylene Glycol, Natural & Artificial Flavoring

Regular Coffee Ingredients: Organic Coffee

Allergens: None

Product FAQs

Is this Instant Coffee? No, the Venture Pouch is pre-ground coffee that needs to be brewed as you normally would brew a cup of coffee at home. We like brewing Hikers Brew with a Pour Over, Aero Press, French Press, or Percolator to name a few options.

What is a Venture Pouch? The Venture Pouch is a convenient compostable package filled with fresh ground coffee. It's small enough to store in your pack or pocket! Enjoy a great quality cup of coffee on your next adventure or add some ease to your morning and skip measuring for a cup of fresh goodness at home or the office.

When can I use a Venture Pouch? At home, on a hike, while car camping, or on a backpacking adventure! Venture Pouches can be used almost anywhere that you have a brewing method available! Learn more about our favorite brewing methods on the back of every pouch.

How many cups of coffee can I brew with one pouch? With one Venture Pouch, you can brew 2-4 cups of coffee using the ground coffee inside the package. This of course depends on the brew strength and amount of water ratio you use when brewing the coffee. Everyone has their own personal preference!

What's Subscribe and Save?

☕️ Save up to 15% on our best selling 6-Pack Sampler

☕️ Recurring quantities delivered at an interval that you want: (every 14, 21, 30, or 60 days)

☕️ Easily manage your subscription via mobile phone text or SMS without logging into the website: delay, skip or add products with the touch of a button! (or by signing into the website dashboard)

☕️ You keep drinking coffee, we'll keep sending it to you FRESH!

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews

It was coffee nothing great for the price


Smells good and taste good. Fresh Coffee.


I love the hazelnut! Will be getting more soon!


Amazing coffee! I will buy more for sure! ❤️

Dan (Philadelphia, US)
Amazing coffee for camping or outdoor adventures

We've tried a ton of different outdoor/adventure coffees and this is the absolute best. Zero sacrifice in terms of easy to use and quality of the cup of coffee you enjoy. I'll be honest, we even use them at home sometimes haha. Couldn't recommend these more!