Van Life - 12 oz

Vanilla Flavored Coffee
$15.99 USD

Enjoy the perfect hint of French Vanilla in each cup of coffee.


Build your box of coffee and save up to 20% off. Order once or create a subscription. You can switch up the coffee, change delivery dates, or cancel anytime.

Delicate, Rich, Vanilla

Colombian-Brazilian Blend

Medium Roast

Rich & Delicately Flavored

Start early mornings right with the perfect hint of flavor in your coffee cup. The scent alone of our signature French Vanilla blend will rouse even the heaviest of sleepers. Rich and delicately flavored, this blend is begging to be enjoyed in the comfort of your camper van while you wander along mountain roads. Brew a cup, hop in the driver's seat, and follow the rising sun towards the snow-capped mountains. Your next adventure is just around the bend.

Ingredients & Allergens

Ingredients: Made with Organic Coffee & Organic Natural Flavoring

Allergens: None

Product FAQs

How many cups of coffee can I brew with one Basecamp Bag? With one 12oz Basecamp Bag, you can brew 20-40 cups of coffee using the ground coffee inside the package. This of course depends on the brew strength and amount of water ratio you use when brewing the coffee. Everyone has their own personal preference!

What is the grind size of your pre-ground coffee? The grind size is set to a medium grind that is works well with most brewing methods. Including French Press, Percolator, Pour Over, and Aero Press.

Flavored Coffee.. I don't usually like flavored coffee..? You're in for a real treat! Our flavored coffee is quite different than other flavored coffees. It's subtle, smooth, and contains the right amount of flavor to coffee ratio. Plus, there are no sweeteners to make it taste too sweet and no added calories. Many non-flavored coffee drinkers are now our biggest fans, so give it a try and tell us what you think!

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Such a great smooth coffee that taste amazing!

Ed nicotra (Kansas City, US)
Why so good!!

You can't go wrong with this coffee! Just smooth and tasty!
I got friends that hate anything flavored coffee and they drink these and are like wow!
So well worth getting and enjoying!

Tom & Kate Zittergruen (Steamboat Springs, US)
Tasty Vanilla Coffee

We usually don't drink flavored coffee, but we LOVE Hikers Brew Van Life! As a couple who lives in our van, we love the name and the flavor. It is a perfect afternoon cup of coffee for us.

JOB (Carmel, US)
Van Approved

My brother, who is now retired camps, boats, bikes, and hikes out of his van frequently. He appreciated the van theme and the rich flavor of your coffee. He's adding it to his daily ritual.

Tim A (Park City, US)

Van Life - 12 oz