Climate change… an ever-pressing concern in our world today. As business owners we recognize the importance of environmental responsibility and why we at Hikers Brew Coffee have taken the significant step forward in earning our Climate Neutral Certification. Let’s explore what it means to be Climate Neutral Certified and how we are taking charge in eco-friendly coffee production.

Understanding Climate Neutral Certification:

The Climate Neutral Certification, offered by the non-profit organization Climate Neutral, represents a comprehensive commitment to measuring, reducing, and offsetting a company's carbon emissions. It is a rigorous process that involves calculating the total greenhouse gas emissions generated throughout the entire lifecycle of a product or service, from production to transportation and disposal.

To achieve Climate Neutral Certification, as a business we must follow three essential steps:

  • Measure: The first step involves calculating the greenhouse gas emissions produced throughout the entire value chain, including the extraction of raw materials, manufacturing processes, distribution, and end-of-life considerations.

  • Reduce: After identifying their carbon footprint, companies must implement measures to minimize emissions. This can be accomplished through various strategies such as transitioning to renewable energy sources, optimizing transportation and logistics, and improving energy efficiency.

  • Offset: To neutralize the remaining carbon emissions that cannot be eliminated entirely, companies invest in projects that remove or reduce an equivalent amount of greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. These projects often involve initiatives like reforestation, renewable energy installations, and methane capture.

Hikers Brew Coffee; Our Journey to Climate Neutrality:

At Hikers Brew, we value quality, are dedicated to outdoor enthusiasts and recognize the need to align our operations with sustainable practices. So we set out on a comprehensive sustainability journey, which has now led us to the achievement of our Climate Neutral Certification.

In our pursuit of carbon neutrality, we implemented several impactful initiatives:

  • Carbon Footprint Assessment: The company conducted a thorough assessment of its entire supply chain, from sourcing coffee beans to packaging and distribution. This assessment provided valuable insights into the emissions generated at each stage, enabling us to identify areas for continued improvement.

  • Sustainable Farming Practices: Hikers Brew Coffee actively supports sustainable farming practices that promote biodiversity, minimize chemical usage, and prioritize the welfare of coffee farmers. By partnering with ethically sourced and certified coffee growers, we ensure that the coffee beans are produced with minimal environmental impact.

  • Energy Efficiency: We have made significant strides in reducing energy consumption across its facilities. By implementing energy-efficient equipment our company has decreased its reliance on fossil fuels and reduced its carbon emissions.

  • Carbon Offsetting: To neutralize any remaining emissions that could not be eliminated, Hikers Brew Coffee invests in verified carbon offset projects. These projects focus on activities like reforestation, forest conservation, and renewable energy installations, which contribute to the removal or reduction of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

This certification provides consumers with the confidence that their coffee consumption is not contributing to climate change, while also encouraging other businesses to follow suit.

Beyond the Climate Neutral Certification, we continue to pursue additional eco-friendly initiatives. We actively engage in ongoing research and development to explore innovative packaging solutions, waste reduction strategies, and further improvements in supply chain efficiency.