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Hikers Brew X JoGo Straw Collaboration
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Unleash flavor and adventure with Hikers Brew 12-pack Sampler + 2 JoGo Brewing Straw Bundle! 12 coffee pouches + 2 JoGo's portable and multipurpose brewing straw. Hikers Brew and JoGo, Grab one for you, and one for that special someone.

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Hikers Brew Sampler Pack (Size)
Jogo Straw (Color)


If you're a coffee enthusiast ready for adventure, this bundle is tailor-made for you.

Inside this bundle, discover six 36g. Venture Pouches, each showcasing a distinct coffee flavor – the perfect introduction to our exceptional blends.

But the adventure doesn't stop there – meet JoGo, your new brewing companion! This highly portable, flavorful, and multipurpose brewing straw is designed for coffee and loose-leaf tea lovers alike. Enjoy the rich taste without compromising your teeth, thanks to JoGo's teeth-friendly design. Plus, it's waste-free, contributing to a sustainable coffee ritual.

With the bundle, you also receive a JoGo carrying pouch and a cleaning brush, ensuring your brewing experience is not only delicious but also convenient. Seize the opportunity to elevate your coffee journey – Hikers Brew and JoGo, the perfect duo for your next flavorful expedition

JoGo - Features
  • Portability: Roughly the size of a pencil, JoGo can easily slip into any pocket
  • Flavor and Convenience: Despite its size, it allows you to brew coffee with the rich, robust flavors you'd expect from a French press, but with the ease of instant brews
  • Zero Waste: Simplifies the brewing process and avoids unnecessary waste
  • Multipurpose: Can also be used to filter other beverages such as loose-leaf tea and muddled cocktails. If you prefer a regular reusable straw, just remove the filter
  • Teeth Friendly: Drinking coffee through a straw helps bypass your teeth and reduce those pesky coffee stains
  • Comfortable Sipping: Thanks to the BPA-free silicone tip and ergonomic design, every sip can be enjoyed with temperature diffusion from a natural position.
  • Built to Last: Our durable food-grade stainless steel is ready for any adventure
  • Easy Maintenance: Cleanup is a breeze due to the removable filter and dishwasher safe design
    FDA Approved