6-Pack Sampler
6-Pack Sampler
6-Pack Sampler
6-Pack Sampler

Assorted Sampler


  • Flavors

If you're interested in trying our coffee, this sampler is right for you! In the box, you will receive six, 36g Venture Pouches of coffee; one pouch of each available flavor! I see an adventure in your future..

  • Hazy Hiker - Smooth, Chocolatey, Hazelnut

  • Some Mores - Chocolatey, Toasted-Marshmallow

  • Red Rocks - Savory, Salted Caramel

  • Van Life - Delicate, Rich, Vanilla

  • Mile Marker - Smooth, Well-Balanced

  • Yurt Dirt - Robust, Bold-Flavor

Flavored Coffee options: Organic Coffee, Propylene Glycol, Natural & Artificial Flavoring (with no known allergies) 
Regular Coffee options: Organic Coffee
Allergens- None
  • Compostable packaging

  • Organic & Fair trade coffee

  • Yields - (4) 6 oz. cups of coffee per pouch
  • Per pouch dimensions - 3.75" x 5.75"


Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Jeremy Wallace
Made by dirtbags for dirtbags.

I liked the whole set. They all brewed up smooth with just some hot water. Tasted good as ice coffee also.

Julie Bacon (Truckee, US)
LOVE this sampler

This was my first time trying Hikers Brew and I am seriously impressed. The eco-friendly packaging, the fun branding, and don't even get my started on the coffee... Easily the best tasting coffee I've sipped in the backcountry.

Mark Tsigounis (Truckee, US)

First, love the flavors! Second so convenient. Third, compostable! 10/10 would recommend.

Chris Robb (Saginaw, US)
Great Coffee, Great People

If you like high quality small batch roasted coffee that doesn't need to be sipped in fancy china, you should definitely check out Hikers Brew. My family is often on the go, exploring the great lakes geography with our camper, and frequenting different Airbnb locations. All of this travel makes it hard to make sure we have a great cup of coffee in the morning with big flavor. The smaller pre-ground packs are perfect for a fresh press while we are on the go, and we can enjoy the whole bean at home when we have time to grind. Customer service is phenomenal, and we learned that everything is roasted in small 5 pound batches right now. This is craft coffee that isn't so precious you feel like you shouldn't open the bag. My suggestion is to stock up, rip open whenever you want, and go explore the world knowing you will always have a great cup to kick start your day.

Erin T.
The smell from this box was intoxicating

Opening this sample pack was the best slap in the nose ever. The smells were so intoxicating and delicious. I have tried a few new flavors I hadn’t before and I can even more definitively say that this is the best coffee I’ve ever had. Just a pour over. Black. No additives. Drinking it in nature in mountains also I think makes it taste even better. This sample box is a win for anyone that wants a tastes at how good this coffee is.